jk’s ginger

Ginger is a very pretty red with several white markings. She is the daughter of our previous best female, Katie, who was a parti color red sable. Like her mother, she has a large number of puppies. She is an outstanding mother, very calm and attentive to her babies.

jk’s leia skywalker “leia”

Leia is a new female we recently purchased with her brother, Luke. She’s still a puppy, but we’ll post a picture of her soon. Leia is a beautiful red with a few small white markings. She has a wonderful calm temperament, but still is a very playful girl. We look forward to the puppies she’ll have in the future!

Future female to come

We will be keeping one of the females from Ginger’s next litter to bring back our number of females to three. Once that happens we will add her to this page.