About Me

My name is Janice Klein and I am located on a farm in Barnes County, ND. I have had Poms as pets since 1972 and have been raising them and selling pups since 1985. I simply fell in love with the breed.

All of my dogs are house dogs, as in raised within the home and not in a kennel. The Poms are outside during the day, but inside at night. All of the pups that I raise are home raised, among a good atmosphere and good people. All of my pups have had their first shots and have been weaned by the time of sale. I have had years of experience with this breed and put that knowledge to good use in raising my Poms. I am willing to answer whatever questions you may have for me, simply click the Contact link and find out how to reach me. 

Pomeranians are a very personable type of dog with each their own, distinct personalities. They become attached to that one person and devote their attention and affection to that person their entire life. Pomeranians are a wonderful, lovable pet to possess and I know you will enjoy their company. Below are some images of my home and where my dogs are kept.

NOTICE: Regarding "Toy/Teacup Pomeranians". There is no such thing. Those are just the runts of litters or improperly bred down Poms that are more prone to health problems. Again, there is no such thing as a "Toy/Teacup Pomeranian", only "Pomeranian". If someone is trying to claim that they have "Toy/Teacup Pomeranians", then they are not to be trusted as a reputable breeder.

Below are some images of my home and where my dogs enjoy their time together. All puppies are born within my home and remain there until going to their new homes.